The end of another year.

I started off the year feeling super low, sort of over-emotional and apathetic all at the same time, but I focused all the energy I had on work, which is now starting pay off, and I am really enjoying it. I have learnt a lot about myself, which I detailed a lot in ‘Know Thyself‘ blog post. What has been a revelation, is changing the birth control pill I am on, gone are the intense mood swings and dip of despair I would get every month, now I feel more like me again (poor everyone! haha).

One of the highlights this year, was that after 5 years of not going anywhere I had a trip to Abu Dhabi, which if anyone knows me, knows I love hot weather, and 38 degrees was beautiful, even I however managed to get ridiculously sun burnt. I blame the suntan lotion.

Not only that, I also went to Berlin for work, but managed to have an afternoon and a morning to explore, so I walked round until I had blisters seeing the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Holocaust memorial.

Speaking of work (and I won’t bore you with it for too long) I have been able to create some really great content around social media in asset management, one that I enjoyed putting together was my ‘Investagram’ report, which you can view on SlideShare below:

I have also been to some great exhibitions, one of my favourites was the Lee Bul exhibition, it was an 80s sci fi dream. Another favourite was the Gilbert & George exhibition, mainly because I do appreciate the use of the F word on occasion. And managed to get to a preview of the fabulous Andy Gotts exhibition too. And finally, back in Norwich the Damien Hirst exhibition which was at Houghton Hall, but also outside my old Art college.

Let’s get on to the plays! In March I went to see ‘Soldier On’ as a friend of mine back in Norwich was in it, and it was superb, all the actors are ex-military and it really seemed to be a healing process for everyone involved especially with covering the issue of PTSD. The other play I went to see was King Lear with Sir Ian McKellan, find me a better Shakespearean actor, I really like the use of lighting on set too, what a great birthday present it was.

One of my favourite things this year was Secret Cinema, which was Blade Runner, I cannot tell you how fantastic it was to enter Los Angeles 2019. They recreated Chinatown amazingly, Taffy’s bar was superb, you really felt like you were in Blade Runner. My character was Anna, I was a replicant working for the Tyrell Corporation, obvs. Anyway as it actually is 2019 next year it’s good job I still have my outfit. (If ever you get a chance to do a Secret Cinema then go go go!)


I have also been really fortunate to see some great bands this year, including two absolute favourites; Muse and Bon Iver, I also went to All Points East where LCD Soundsystem were headlining which was a brilliant festival.

I have also just really enjoyed living in London, going to places, people watching, enjoying its atmosphere, especially in summer, so I thought I’d select a few of my favourite images from the year below:


Also, as Spotify are doing their 2018 unwrapped I thought I’d post my 2018 playlist, the songs I have listened to the most this year, Portishead were the band who came top of that, along with Bryan Ferry and Fleetwood Mac (who I am going to see next year, hurrah)

So, that has been my 2018, I think it’s been a pretty good one! Been places, getting my teeth into work. I feel stronger, wiser, more confident and ready to take 2019 by the horns.

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