I had a long weekend back home in Norwich this weekend, mainly as I had a follow up dentist appointment from a few weeks ago.

Nothing major, splint and retainer refit and I have had my teeth filed down to be more the same level and a bit shorter, as I have always been self conscious of my teeth, it’s been the heart of a lot of my confidence issues. And I am trying to rectify that at the moment.

Anyway I ended up going out for a drink and some chips from the Grosvenor, and somehow ended up getting in at 2am. As you do.

Saturday I fell asleep on the sofa and then visited my nan in Beccles, but I slept like a baby that night.

It all went very quickly and I probably could have done with another day or two there but c’est la vie.

Of course Benjy didnt seem bothered by anything!

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