I am on a week off, the last bit of time off work until Christmas, I always have the need to go to the coast when I am back in Norfolk, the fresh sea air always blows the cobwebs out.

Also, I just really love to hear the waves. When I was first born, mum and dad had a house in Herne Bay in Kent, and you could hear the waves every night. I always wondered if thats why I could fall asleep on the beach so quickly when I have been on holiday.

Me and mum went early evening to catch the sunset, the place was really quiet so we walked down onto the beach (avoiding the film crew that was further up the beach).

It was the most beautiful pastel/opal sky, and the water on the beach reflected it back, it seemed almost otherworldly.

Next time I will be back at Cromer it will be out Boxing Day walk. Already mentally preparing myself for that cold easterly wind!

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