The Crystal Maze

Right, OK, so I grew up watching the Crystal Maze, it was one of my favourite shows as a child, with the original host Richard O’Brien (obvs), in fact it’s the reason why to this day I call mum “mumsie”.

I suggest heading over to YouTube if you haven’t seen it.

It was my ‘country walk’ that work put on every year, so I feel like I totally lucked out.

Anyway, the maze itself is at the Trocadero in London, right near Picadilly, the building itself is a-maze-ing let alone the set up, but I digress.

The four zones were all there, Medieval (which was always my favourite), Industrial (I remember there being a ship/submarine one but no one else seems to?), Futuristic and of course Aztec!

We all had 2 games each (out of a group of 8) mine were in Futuristic and Aztec zone.

I would just like to say our maze master, Hans, was fantastic and I pretty much spent the whole 90 mins laughing.

We managed to get 6 crystals which apparently is distinctly average (go us!)

Then we got to the main event! Catching the foil leaves in the giant crystals ‘would you start the fans please?’ We managed 108 tokens, again, distinctly average.

I obviously got taken in by the buying opportunity at the end and bought a photo and a crystal.


(I also stole a gold foil token, you din’t nuthin’ right?)

Anyway, I had so much bloody fun, we generally use this phrase ironically in our family but I really was ‘living my best life’ in the maze.

I may have to go again.

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  1. There 100% was an underwater/ship zone which replaced industrial when we first pole took over. It was designed around the interior of the Titanic with big wood panelled walls. One of the memorable games was standing inside some kind of submarine that looked more like a hot water tank with a window. They then moved the submersible around underwater with fake sharks coming towards them.


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