British Art Fair

After a few days of feeling quite unwell, I felt the need to get out of the house, luckily a friend of mine had tickets for the British Art Fair, so I met her outside the Saatchi gallery (after taking a wrong turn and getting lost, because apparently I have a mental block on West London).

I went to the affordable art fair earlier this year which I loved and really felt quite inspiring.

This didn’t seem so big but there were some amazing pieces which I really fell in love with, 2 being sculptures.

This piece really caught my eye, it’s by an artist called Emily Young and made from onyx, I just found it really serene, the two colours are also my favourite.

Just by this piece was a sculpture, that I really fell in love with called Minotaur erect by Michael Ayrton, I just love the rough detail of it, also the minotaur myth has also been one that I go back to periodically. (It also loosely links to Inception, one of my favourite movies, as Minos daughter Ariadne helped Theseus defeat the minotaur in the labyrinth.. but I digress)

Moving on from sculptures there were some great paintings at the art fair too!

Forgive me some of the artists I have already forgotten the name of (lets blame it on weekend brain) but this painting I really liked for its simplicity, it also reminded me of those 1930s Paris Vogue covers which I love.

This little drawing/painting below is by Ceri Richards, which again is early 20th century there just seems something very free but detailed about it, and I love the colours.

There was also a lot of Grayson Perry on show, he curated the Royal Academy summer exhibition last year. This piece was one that stood out for me.

Now here is another artist I have totally forgotten the name of again, but I really loved the colours in her paintings, they were all self portraits too (which a few people have fed back to me on my own work is limiting)

Continuing the trend of artists I don’t know the name of, and one of the last things I bore you with, here is a motherfudging triptych, I bloody love a triptych.

And finally, I had to really exercise my self discipline not to walk away with this insult book from the gallery shop…

Imagine a beautiful house full of beautiful art.

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