Mumsie meets Banksy

You will only get the mumsie reference if you watched the Crystal Maze in the 90s.

Anyway, my mum came to London for the day, and the only steadfast thing we had on the itinerary was visiting St Paul’s cathedral.

I met her at Liverpool Street, and, as always, Abellio Greater Anglia were late. We tubed across to St Paul’s, but just before we got to the entrance the zip broke on my boot, because, obviously, this is me we are talking about. Did I mention it had started to snow?

Bootgate dealt with, we got into St Paul’s, and that place is beautiful, I tell you. Technically you aren’t allowed to take photos, but shhh. Oh, they also have a pretty special statue of the good ol’ Norfolk boy Horatio Nelson.

(By the way I fully recommend the mini work-out up the steps to see the view from St Paul’s it is beautiful)

After St Paul’s we decided to go and grab lunch at the Barbican. I used to work very close to the Barbican when I was doing some temp Copyrighting work, there is a great weekday food market nearby, I can recommend the Turkish wraps.

Basquiat recently had an exhibition at the Barbican, and you may have seen in the news that Banksy commemorated this with a tribute nearby on Golden Lane.

The Barbican itself is an impressive brutalist building, in fact it is very similar to how I imagined the building in High-rise by J.G Ballard to look (a great book by the way).

We stopped off at Fortnum and Mason and grabbed some cake and then headed to Liberty of London as the day was drawing to a close. You can literally get lost in the shop, believe me, because we did.

However they have some really truly beautiful things in there, WHEN I win the Euromillions and buy my pad in Hampstead I will be bedecking with some treasures from Liberty.

And before we knew it, it was the end of the day!




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