Gilbert & George, White Cube Gallery

A few weeks ago I saw Gilbert & George trending on Twitter and saw their exhibition was on at the White Cube in Bermondsey, so I met a good friend of mine at Borough station and headed to the gallery.

For those who may not know of Gilbert & George, they won the Turner Prize back in 1986 and their work always has political, anti-elitist themes.

I was introduced to them by my high-school art teacher, Mr Life, who was fantastic, and really got us to think outside of the box and away from the status quo.

Obviously if you find bad language offensive, you probably might want to avoid.

They had whole walls dedicated to their ‘Fuckosophy’ as well as their iconic graphic, photo styled artwork, which for some reason always reminds me of stained glass windows.

The space at the White Cube itself is really lovely with its tall ceilings and white walls, and I am definitely going to head back soon for their next exhibitions, Eddie Peake and Andreas Gursky.

I also really loved the area around the gallery and Borough, we stopped off at the coffee shop opposite, aptly named Fuckoffee, and on the way home saw someone making fresh pasta, one of the many reasons I love London.


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