Hearts, Galleries and Neon

Earlier in the week I saw that Anya Hindmarch had commissioned chubby hearts to be dotted around London over the week, so on Saturday, which was an amazingly beautiful sunny day I went from King’s Cross to Hyde Park Corner in the pursuit of love hearts.

They really were quite special, but I could have been high off the Vit D the sun was providing. (I am a totally different person in the sunshine)

After my love heart trail I headed across to Aldgate East to meet an old friend of mine (we go way back to middle school, and our paths have criss crossed over the years but we are both finally living in London now).

We had a look through the Whitechapel Gallery, the piece that I really liked was the neon sign, which made me wonder how easy it would be to start making them myself.

After that we decided to get a drink somewhere, and we went to Tonight Josephine which is right next to Waterloo station, and it is a neon 80s pink dream! They also do happy hour on cocktails.

My day was still not done, after that I headed back to Belsize to meet my aunt for dinner who was in London doing a Yoga course, after filling up on pizza I tubed home and briefly caught up with my new housemate, at which point we decided to go to the All Points East festival in May, LCD Soundsystem here we come.

After being in North, West, East and South London at various points of the day, I was dead to the world as soon as my head hit the pillow.



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