Bon Iver

I have been a fan of Bon Iver for about 5/6 years, and have been wanting to see them for just as long, I missed out on a gig of their in London about 4 years ago (I was still in Norwich at the time and it had sold out, bums).


So when a friend of mine said they had a spare ticket I pretty much bit their hand off (OK I didn’t I said yes and transferred the money for the ticket via BACs).

Some of my favourite songs are Lump Sum, Flume and Blood Bank.

Now I did take some videos of Holocene and Skinny Love (which he sung at the end of the night when I attended, but not on the first night apparently) but they turned out awful, so I linked through to the song that I came away loving after hearing it live.

If you can get tickets on this terribly short run then DO go.

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