The Andreas Gursky exhibition is one I have been trying to get to for a while, and hurrah, I finally managed it!

It’s showing at the Haywood Gallery, which I hadn’t actually visited before, which sit within the brutalist glory of Southbank.

The space itself if amazing, and the exhibition was very busy, I had to wait half an hour for entry so I popped upstairs for a turmeric latte and a flourless hazelnut chocolate thingymabob. (Can I just point out I have been drinking turmeric milk for about 4 years, not to sound like a whinging hipster, yeah alright I sound like a whinging hipster).

Anywho, the exhibition is amazing, it’s over three floors, and it flows incredibly well, you can really see the evolution of his work. My particular favourite was the Tokyo Stock Exchange photo, and a notable mention of the Toys R Us photo given the recent news (bye Geoffrey)

The exhibition shows until April 22nd, and definitely worth a look.


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