Get thee to a Nunnery (Gallery)

So as you know,  am trying to see as many galleries and museums around London, and stumbled upon the Nunnery Gallery whilst seeing what exhibitions were on.

It’s less than 5 mins from Bow Road station, in the proper East of London. As I was walking to gallery I came across this cool bit of street art on the side of the pub (The Bow Bells).


The gallery itself is really lovely, with a cafe and some really lovely unique things to buy in the shop, and everything goes towards Bow Arts which I think is great.

The exhibition that is currently on is Art for the Environment looking at activities responsible for the destruction of the environment.

The artists featured are Annabel Duggleby, Magz Hall, Nana Maiolini, Noemi Niederhauser and Matteo Valerio.

The gallery accepts donations, and if you do manage to visit, please do spare what you can, it’s such a great space.

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