May Day Bank Holiday

May is always a great month because the weather is usually good and there are two bank holidays (I’m easily pleased).

I stayed in London for this one and it was super busy, starting with a colleague’s leaving drinks after work on the Friday, although left reasonably early as had to be up and at ’em on the Saturday.

A very good friend came down to visit me for the day on the Saturday and we both had a lot to catch up on, as I hadn’t seen her since before I moved down to the big smoke, cue sitting on a bench on Southbank for nearly two hours before we started to get hungry. We managed to get a table at the Paternoster Chop House, which you may all know from First Dates, anyway the chocolate truffles are UH-Mazing. Another two hours digging into desserts and doing psychological/personality tests (an empty pool is very bad). Then she had to head back but not before a quick detour to Postman’s Park (which was in the film Closer, one of my favourite films).

Sunday was all about catching up with one of my best friends who also lives in London, we decided to go to Columbia Road flower market where I bought some of my favourite flowers (hydrangeas) however we were soon getting hungry so walked towards the City. Eventually we got to Spitalfields market and found this great restaurant called Blixen and we ate all the food, and I had to go one step further and have some chocolate mousse (I’ll refrain from a Partridge quote on this occasion) it was still warm when we left so we bought some Pimms and fruit and people watched on Hamsptead Heath until 7ish and then headed to the pub, it was quite a late one so I had a mega lie-in on the Monday.

Monday I needed some me time, so I headed to Hampstead Heath at lunch time and fell asleep for 3 hours, thankfully my skin decided to tan this time instead of burn like it did in Abu Dhabi. And as with all bank holidays it came and went all too quickly.

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