FAME @ Box Galleries

Yesterday I received a last minute invite to a private viewing at Box Galleries in Chelsea for a private viewing of Andy Gotts, Terry O’Neill and Douglas Kirkland celebrity portraits.

After marching down all of King’s Road from Vauxhall, I arrived a bit hot and thirsty, luckily a lovely lady soon put a glass of champagne in my hand, plus Candy Kitten sweets were out too (the sour watermelon was my favourite).

All three photographers have a very different style, but all complemented each other very well, I had seen a few of the Andy Gotts portraits at the Herrick Gallery in Mayfair the previous year.

A couple of ones of note were of Raquel Welch, Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Winslet.

The gallery itself is really lovely and what a lovely bunch of people at the viewing too! The exhibition is on May 10th-31st.

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