Pinch, punch, first of the month

So yesterday was the first of June, do you know what that meant? OK, yes well, a month until my birthday (33, how and why?) but a very lovely and good friend of mine came down to Landaaan to partake in cake and natter.

Of course I totally took us on the wrong tube to begin with, because this is me we are talking about, but after an interesting diversion to Aldgate East we finally ended up in Mayfair at Elan for what was an incredibly good peanut butter cheesecake and hot chocolate (well.. the hot chocolate was too sweet for me but the cheesecake was amazing) .

We then took a nice walk to Fortnum and Masons and had a look around, I was incredibly tempted by the ruby chocolate bar but decided would try it another time.

We then headed to Southbank which is lovely in the summer and the highlight was very much the dog in the bag, who looked very content, my aim in life is now to be as chilled as that dog in the bag.

After seeing my friends off on the train at Liverpool St it took me way too long to get home as my new flat shoes had completely shredded my feet. Still, they looked nice.

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