Ant Middleton Tour

I don’t know how many of you have seen either SAS Who Dares Wins or Mutiny, but one of the chaps who presents it recently released an autobiography/ leadership book.

He is ex SBS and has gone from the shadows to the limelight.

You may be wondering why I have an interest? My dad is ex Army, one grandfather is ex RAF and the other grandfather, who passed away a few years ago, was ex Navy, so I have always had an inherent respect and appreciation for the forces. And who didn’t like M*A*S*H?

So, I have been reading his book on/off most of the summer, and was super excited to go to his show.

And I was not disappointed, being someone who has always struggled with a) confidence and b) fear to varying degrees throughout my life, it was really what I needed. Talking about reducing fear to bubbles, and just standing up for yourself was really invaluable. I have really noticed that I am not afraid to say what I am thinking lately too, and it’s so freeing.

Also, Ant was just blinkin’ funny, with an audience of both male and female, he just nailed it, the questions at the end really were my favourite part.

One of the other guys on SAS Who Dares Wins, Jason Fox, has just announced his book too, so fingers crossed he will do something similar in the future!

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