King Lear

I am a few updates behind, but I will start with the latest (because that makes sense!)

I was very lucky to have King Lear tickets bought for my birthday, and finally got round to going!

It was at the Duke of York’s theatre which I hadn’t been to before, so nice to get another theatre ticked off.

The set was very simply done and I really liked how they used the lighting and the set change was great (once you have done am dram you end up noticing these things).

Sir Ian was as great as you’d expect, his Gandalf showed through a bit, which prompted a discussion about LOTR and I won £10 (as a rule, if I am confident enough to bet money, I am 90% sure I’m right, soz Craig).

King Lear is one of the longer Shakespeare plays, which meant the interval didn’t happen until 2 hours into it, so if you are going make sure to nip to the loo before you take your seat.

Great play though, and A lovely theatre, some other great bits in the play which I shan’t ruin if you are heading to it soon.

(Shan’t is definitely word by the way)

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