The One Show

So everyone has heard of the One Show, its one of those programmes that always seems to end up on whilst you’re cooking dinner or emptying the dishwasher.

A good friend of mine was able to get us on the list to partake in the audience, so we went for a random Tuesday evening.

Then we get an email through, the guest is only bloody Rob Lowe, St Elmo’s Fire, Wayne’s World, The West Wing Rob Lowe.

Anyway, they have a small amount of audience members, around 20, and the studio is quite small, so we got to see the VT and the hosts working off an autocue and also when they improvised.

But the best bit was when Rob Lowe came on and gave me a high-five, that’s right, I high-fived Rob Lowe! So that was a good Tuesday evening.

Oh and he fake played the sax, and all I could think was “do you believe in pre-marital sax?” Haha.

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