Ah, Rome. It is probably my favourite city, and luckily for me I was there this weekend.

I was up at 3am Saturday morning, not bright eyed and certainly not bushy tailed to head to Gatwick for my friend’s hen do to Rome.

I haven’t been back to Rome for quite some time, and I stayed towards the west of the City before (a stones throw from Piazza del Popolo).

Now this trip was a whistlestop tour and what we managed to fit in was flipping impressive!

First stop was the Spanish Steps!

The Azaleas were in full bloom and looking pretty special too.

After that we went to the Trevi Fountain

This is always the most crowded place to visit because it is in a weirdly small space, but it’s is lovely, it’s made from Travertine stone in case you were wondering (you weren’t though were you?)

Afterwards we were heading towards Piazza Navona for lunch and ‘stumbled upon’ the Pantheon.

This may surprise a few of you, but it is actually my favourite place in Rome, I just find the inside of it absolutely breathtaking, and very serene.

So onto Piazza Navona and a much needed pasta stop! I actually prefer it during the evening, the place comes alive, however you do get to take in the beautiful architecture in the day.

After our much needed refuel of carbs we walked down to see the colosseum, as well as a quick look at the Roman Forum (I still need to explore these properly)

Anyway the sheer size of the colosseum is just amazing, it is nearly 2000 years ago, just touching the stone and thinking about how much history it has seen is just phenomenal, you can almost feel the energy of it all, what it’s endured, what it will endure.

We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening.

Not before some gelato though, obviously.

We headed back towards the Pantheon to a rooftop bar at hotel Minerva, now let me tell that is a beautiful view. I could see the sunset there a 100 times and not be bored.

It really is such an incredible place. And I will be back, so much more to see still.

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