Back in Italy again!

This time for work, as doing another informal marketing lunch, however hoping to see a bit of Milan as I had never been before.

Unfortunately when I landed it was raining, I hopped in a taxi from Linate airport to the city centre where I was staying at Hotel Manzoni.

The guy on reception made my trip, as soon as I walked in he said “Laura Holland?” And I joked that my reputation preceded me, oh we laughed.

Anyway a quick turn around in the room, freshen up, change of top and some red lipstick I was good to go.

When I handed the key back to reception (old skool hotel) my guy was still there, telling the lobby staff what a beautiful woman I was (he clearly has very good taste).

Anyway I was off to meet colleagues at bar in Brera, but I had 45 mins, so I got my London stomp on and walked to the Duomo, the Leonardo statue and the Galleria. Which, luckily they are all essentially next to each other.

here is a very bad, and wet selfie of me outside the Duomo too

I then had 15 mins to work out how to get to this bar, somehow managed it, a lovely place Via San Marco 2, where, obviously I had to have an Aperol Spritz (the downstairs also really reminded me of Gordon’s Wine Bar near Embankment here in London).

Then we went on for our evening meal, which I didnt get any pics of I am afraid.

Today (the next day) I had a client lunch so walked to the Citywire Italy office, and lo it was sunny so I managed a video to prove it.

I did also manage to get a pic of this beautiful little street too, just as I jumped in a taxi to take me back to the airport.


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