Stanley Kubrick Exhibition @ Design Museum

It was that time of year again, team away day! We spend the morning presenting what we have been doing for the last 12 months and ideas for the future, and then after do something in the afternoon. This time it was the Stanley Kubrick exhibition.

Obviously Stanley Kubrick is a lauded director, with his attention to detail being legendary (and if you have seen Room 237, which I have just finished watching, a lot of hidden meanings behind his topics and set layout).

The exhibition is on until September 15 at the Design Museum, so please do go, it’s fantastic, and I found it creatively stimulating.

Anyway, photos!

The entrancing to the exhibition is pretty cool, clips from Kubrick’s most memorable films, and it feels pretty sci fi in itself.Full Metal Jacket, I saw this reasonably young, there is a particular scene (you know which one I mean) which really stuck with me for a long time after. Not only that but the incredible symmetry in a lot of the shots in this film, I am convinced that you could pick any frame and it would standalone as an amazing photo.Eyes Wide Shut is actually on my to watch list, weirdly, I have actually read the novella it is based on by Arthur Schnitzler, which is called Dream Story (one of those random trips to a book store where I just choose a random 2/3 books to buy) I really love the mask props, and I feel quire inspired to do some painting based off of these. Strangely, my mum painted a masked party in the early 80s which this reminded me of, perhaps it’s in the genes?

The last photo I had to share because it really tickled me, Stanley was not impressed, I might start signing off my emails the same way.

I didn’t want to give too much away so these are really the tip of the iceberg of the exhibition. I really do recommend going, it is a really superb, and comprehensive exhibition.

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