Max Richter @ Barbican

Anyone who knows me will know that I love sci fi, but they may not know I also love classical music.

You may have heard some of Max Richter’s music in films/shows such as Arrival, The Leftovers and Shutter Island.

There are a fee pieces of his which I go back to time and time again which are:

  • – On the nature of daylight
  • – The quality of mercy
  • – Beginning and ending
  • – Recomposed: vivaldi the four seasons -spring 1

So when I saw tickets go on sale last April (yes April 2019) I snapped up a ticket for his premiere of his new work Voices.

The first part of the show was Infra, which was based on 7/7 bombings in London, and its incredibly well done with noises that sound like your hearing has gone in between. And my favourite pieces from that were:

  • – Journey 4
  • – Infra 5

After the interval it was his new work Voices which was based on the UN’s declaration of human rights.

This work was so beautiful, with excerpts being read throughout in over 30 different languages submitted by the public. As well as the beautiful violin you come to expect from his work, and the singer and the choir were just amazing. I came to love a choir when I saw Hans Zimmer conduct Mountains nearly 3 years ago.

It was one of those experiences you didn’t want to end.

Now do I go and see him again in June?…

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