The Randomness Of London

I moved to London in August 2016 after being made redundant from my job a few months prior in Norwich, one of those ‘fuck it’ moments.

One of the things I love about living here is the amount of galleries and museums and people watching opportunities. So yesterday after I had been to Covent Garden to pick up some makeup for a friend I thought I would head to Southbank and see the Gursky exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.

It was nearly 2pm by this point and I still hadn’t had anything to eat so I grabbed a cookie and a hot chocolate and was stood at the Royal Festival Hall having a quick pit stop before I walked down.

Then a random guy came up to me and said he had a spare ticket for the Simply Gershwin concert that was about to start and did I want it, now usually I would have said no, but after a tough couple of months I figure an afternoon of upbeat music was needed.

So it was a great and spontaneous afternoon, and one of the many reasons I have come to love London.

I still haven’t seen the Gursky exhibition though, maybe next week.

image1 (4)

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