The Beast From The East

No surprises, the only thing anyone has been talking about this week is the snow that hit the UK this week.

Living in London we weren’t hit anywhere near as badly as the East of the country where I grew up. I have seen people back home post pictures of tractors moving 5 snow drifts so people can leave villages and all sorts.

However in London it has all been very pretty, I work near Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and have come across confused squirrels, unimpressed geese, and curious donkeys (OK the donkeys are at the farm in Vauxhall, but still)

It does remind of winters from when I was very small, as Norfolk always has that brutal east wind running across it in the winter anyway. I also remember watching ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’ and there is a scene towards the end where they are in a log cabin on Christmas Eve surrounded by snow with the dogs, and I always thought then that would be ideal Christmas, however it’s March, so this snow is either too late or too soon!

Anyway here are few pics from this week, and a Bridget Jones-esque snow shot of the tube going past on a bridge.

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