Losing Wisdom

That’s right, I have headed back to Norwich and had my wisdom tooth removed.

I have been dreading the day since I booked it in back in October. It’s quite annoying as all my wisdom teeth came through when I was 21/22 and the rest have come through as they should apart from one naughty one which decided to come through sideways, and over the last year or so was showing signs of decay.

The event itself actually wasn’t too bad, they put a drip in my hand which basically felt like I had about 3/4 glasses of champagne, but within a ridiculous amount of short time.

I only remember bits and pieces of it, but I do remember her saying the tooth was out, and I didn’t feel a thing. I have kept the tooth, and there is a good sliver of jaw bone on it. What kind of stupid mammal evolves with these things? Humans, huh?

The coming days have been the worst, this morning I woke up at 5am in quite a bit of discomfort, and I am starving, but my jaw just won’t open very far at all, this is frustrating because I lose weight in the blink of an eye if I do not consciously make sure I am getting at least 2000 cals a day.

On the upside I felt like I have really needed some rest and a break from London, the last few months have been a bit, well, just not great. So when I get back I will be signing up to kickboxing classes, I will be having a clear out of my wardrobe and I have the Secret Cinema coming up, I also really enjoy my job. So I think it’s time to be selfish again.


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