Freud Museum

Do I know any psychoanalysis jokes? I’m a-Freud not! Haha.. sorry.

So today I had planned just a chilled one, I feel like my brain is still recovering from the intense week I just had (but exam passed so hurrah), I had planned to watch the England game, but my housemate lured me out with the promise of cake (I am easily swayed), so we headed to Lanka, where I had the biggest brownie ever, it was essentially a brick, and green tea and rose petal iced tea, which was amazing, I will be headed back to get those teabags.


After that we headed to the Freud Museum, which is in his old house, not only a beautiful, beautiful house, but the front and back gardens were filled with roses (one of my favourite flowers, next to hydrangeas).

IMG_5846 (1)

The house and its contents were left to be turned into a museum after Anna Freud passed away (Sigmund’s youngest child) and they had his infamous couch, a long with his collections of Greek and Egyptian trinkets which were fascinating (I was very much into the Greek myths and Egyptology when I was a lot younger).

They also had some home videos, with some of them showing what Nazi occupied Vienna was like before they fled to London in 1939, it really makes you take stock of the current political climate, and I am afraid we are about to repeat history.

They were also doing readings from his books, as well as poetry readings in the garden, it really was rather lovely.

And as if I hadn’t bought enough books this weekend, I bought ‘The Essentials of Psych-analysis‘ you know just the quick read…

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