Damien Hirst @ Houghton Hall

Want to hear something spooky? Me and mum went to Houghton Hall last year to see the Richard Long exhibition exactly on 5th July last year.

Today, however, it was Damien Hirst. An interesting artist as he seems to be quite divisive in the art world.

He has a team that help to create his ideas, and he is arguably the most successful, and here’s the key word, commercial artist of all time. I guess it depends on whether you think art is art once its commercialised?

Generally for me art should provoke some sort of reaction or discussion, so the fact that Hirst creates such a passionate debate about what art is perhaps it gives us some food for thought?

Anyway! Onto the exhibition, and I shall leave you with a great line from one of the workers at the Hall..

I’ve been poking Damien’s balls all week

The balls above do get stuck, so one of the ladies has to poke them around to get them going again.

Houghton Hall itself is also very beautiful, there are a number or permanent art installations round the grounds and some beautiful gardens, which are definitely worth a visit.


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