For those who may not know too much about me, I attended the Norwich School of Art and Design (now Norwich University of the Arts – it’s all fancy now), now I actually ended up doing Graphic Design, although if I had my time again I think I’d choose fine art.

And I’ll tell you why, I find painting incredibly therapeutic, it’s the only thing that takes me out of my head (no mean feat).

I did a painting last year (below with me):

A lot of people suggested I enter the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, I faffed about deciding whether I should and missed the deadline last year, so this year I decided to enter, and I painted a new piece.

I paint better when I have time alone so it was painted on/off.

So what did I paint? Well, I am the type of person that finds it hard to express my feelings, so I kind of wanted to ‘bare all’ in a way I find easy to do. And the below is the result.

Now at this point my initial plan was to sew an electroluminescent heart into the canvas, because I really like neon at the moment, however I thought I’d see what the people who follow me on Instagram thought, and it was pretty decisive:

Unfortunately, due to the amount of time it took for the oil paint to dry and me being unable to find my fishing line and thick needle, I left it naked, so to speak.

So wish me luck in the getting through the rounds of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition!

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