Space Shifters Exhibition @ Hayward Gallery

This exhibition opened ages ago but just didn’t have time before Christmas to go, however I was up and at ’em on a Saturday morning to head down to Southbank on the penultimate day of the exhibition.

Showcasing a range of different artists, of note Anish Kapoor, Richard Wilson and Yayoi Kusama.

All the objects bend your perception of reality or space, some looked straight out of a sci fi movie.

One of my favourite parts of the exhibition was the mirror/rock installation by Alicja Kwade, you can see the full effect in the video below:

Another highlight for me was the ‘Narcissis Garden’ by Yayoi Kusama (whose exhibition I saw at the end of last year at the Victoria Miro gallery in Old Street).

The exhibition also featured the somewhat controversial, and well known artist Anish Kapoor, you can read about one his dramas here. However his reflective sculptures are very beautiful and I loved his piece sat amongst the London skyline on the Hayward Gallery rooftop.

And finally, Richard Wilson’s engine oil room, the whole room, bar a sliver, is filled with old engine oil, it’s very serene and a little bit eerie, but definitely worth seeing if you get the chance, at the Hayward or otherwise. As an aside, the door you see in the background is the fire exit..

The Southbank is one of my favourite places to waste a few hours either at the gallery, with a book or to walk along the river to the Tate Modern.

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