Anyone who knows me well, will know that I have wanted to visit Switzerland for the longest, mainly because my Great Uncle Fritz is Swiss, and he and my Great Auntie always used to bring back amazing chocolates and photo viewers of their trips back.

So imagine my glee when I was asked to host a marketing lunch in Geneva for the heads of marketing at various asset management companies!

So off I popped to the airport, boarding a Swiss Air flight, which by the way, they give you chocolate so it is now immediately my favourite airline.

Luckily I flew out the afternoon before, and met my colleague and had a wander round Geneva, mainly the lake.

We then headed to get some food, and randomly wandered into a restaurant called Au Petit Chalet, which seems a bit weird when you go in as there is cowhide everywhere but my gosh the food was great. Me and my colleague also got talking to a young American couple who were doing a semester in Florence, and Europe was smashing their expectations which was nice to hear.

The morning I did a bit of work, and then we headed to the other side of the lake, which was very beautiful and also worked my glutes walking up steep cobbled streets with 3 bags!

The marketing lunch was held at Resturant Les Amures, which I can also highly recommend, the staff were incredibly attentive and our attendees were amazing, and they all encouraged me to go for the fondue..or should I say fun-due? Hahaha.

The lunch itself went well and hopefully will be off to some other places in Europe to do more of the same.

And I will definitely be back to Switzerland. (Heck, I’d be more than happy to live there)

As an aside, I now feel more than ever I really should learn a second language.


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