Joshua Kane – Mythical Creatures

I had a very quick turnaround on Friday, as I was flying back from Berlin after a 3 day conference, and then less than 2 hours to get ready and head back out to meet my friend.

We were off to the Joshua Kane Mythical Creatures fashion show, where he was showing his next collection.

First though me and my friend had dinner at The Ned, which I had only been to for work purposes before.

After that we headed to the Royal Exchange, and this was the first ever fashion show to take place there.

I had actually never been in before, what an amazing building it was too. Apparently the Fortnum and Mason bar is the most instagrammed in London, there’s a social media fact for you.

We took to our seats and the show began, there were so many amazing outfits but I will show you my favourite two.

This full on gold number which just looks amazing in the flesh, the full skirt has so much detail and hangs beautifully.

The next is this overcoat, which I have always been partial to a bit of houndstooth in general, so no surprises there.

As well as this beautiful all white outfit, and on this photo below, you can just see the Manolo Blahniks which I wanted to steal, that is until I realised that being a size 2 they probably wouldn’t fit me.

You can see the rest of the outfits below. And I can just apologise for my awful iPhone 6s images and videos.

I want it all.

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