Yayoi Kusama @ Victoria Miro Gallery

You will probably know Yayoi Kusama‘s work even if you don’t know Yayoi Kusama herself.

Two words. Glowing Pumpkins.

Well, no glowing pumpkins in this exhibition, a very spacey mirrored room with psychedelic glowing balls, giant (non-glowing) pumpkins, and some giant flowers that look like they come from Alice in Wonderland.

From the gallery website:

THE MOVING MOMENT WHEN I WENT TO THE UNIVERSE, a major exhibition of new works by Yayoi Kusama, takes place across the Wharf Road galleries and waterside garden. The exhibition features new paintings, including works from the iconic My Eternal Soul series, painted bronze pumpkin and flower sculptures, and a large-scale Infinity Mirrored Room, created for this presentation, Kusama’s twelfth exhibition at the gallery.

The exhibition is at the Victoria Miro gallery, which has been on my to-visit list for a while, the one I went to was near Old Street, and has a small canal out back, one of the smaller galleries I have been to, but a really good space, and super nice staff.

The exhibition is on from early October to late December, it is currently fully booked, but I did overhear they may release more times.

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